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Our experience at the Eid Marketplace was different and distinctive at the same time.  Working with The Events Co.'s project organizers was a wonderful experience.  The Eid Marketplace allowed us to introduce our company Fashion Way and promote our Turkish clothing lines.  We thank the project organizer, Khanssa who won the admiration of the majority of those who visited the Eid marketplace and hope to see similar ideas soon

  تجربتنا في العيد ماركت كانت تجربة مختلفة ومميزة. وبنفس الوقت وكان العمل مع القائمين على المشروع جدا رائع حيث استطعنا من خلاله تعريف الناس بشركتنا شركة Fashion way  للالبسة التركية، حيث نالت اعجاب أغلبية الذين قاموا بزيارة العيد ماركت شكرا للقائمين على 

المشروع ونتمنى طرح أفكار مماثلة قريبا. 

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مشاركتنا بهذا الحدث كانت خطوة رائعه اتعرفنا على جاليات مختلفه ومتنوعه، وساعدنا هذا الحدث لنعرف شو بيحتاجو ونطور انفسنا حتى نلبي جميع الاذواق. 

التنظيم والادارة كانو بمنتهى الدقه وسرورنا انو اتعرفنا على اصحاب البزنس الاخرين.

حدث مهم لمدينة لندن انتاريو بتمنى انو يتكرر كل سنة، 

والشكر الكبير لخنساء وبالتوفيق دائما 


Words can't express how wonderful Khanssa is, both as an event coordinator and as a person. 

She kept everything on track and ensured that the event was carefree and ran smoothly. Very thoughtful lady and supportive and made herself available to everyone and helped each one achieve their goals! 

I can't thank her enough for the amazing service she provided and would absolutely recommend her to everyone!

الكلمات لاتعبر عن مدى امتنانا للسيدة خنساء على جهودها في انجاح البازار. نشكر لها تنظيمها الرائع وحرصها على ان ينجح كل المشاركين ويحققوا اهدافهم

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The Events Co. did an excellent job with this event. The event was beautiful and very well organized and provided good exposure for local companies


Our participation at the Eid Marketplace was one of the successful bazaars we’ve been to this year. It was very organized and neat. We have enjoyed to know the Muslim community living in London, Ontario and surrounding areas.  We would also like to thank the organizer Khanssa and wish her the best. Looking forward to the next event.


 Great event, well organized, lots of foot traffic, large diversity of customers. 8 foot tables provide lots of space of an ideal set up. Definitely would attend again" 


The Eid Marketplace was a great opportunity for eid shopping and to showcase our festive traditions to the broader Canadian community.  Thank you to the organizers of this event 

لقد كانت فرصة جيدة لعمل معرض خاص للعيد حيث التسوق و اظهار هذه المناسبة للمجتمع الكندي شكرا لمنظمي هذا الحدث  

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Very nice and organized event, we have rented a booth to sell our candy , it was a nice experience, the sales were higher than expected , highly recommend

تنظيم وإدارة ممتازة كل شئ كان مرتب، اشتركنا لبيع السكاكر والمبيعات كانت فوق المتوقع

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